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It's Time For A New Approach To Networking

Let's face it, the "other platform" no longer provides a workable solution for businesses and professionals who are serious about networking, community building, and executing.
Our approach gives users the tools to control the content they consume, the people they interact with, and the ability to directly network, communicate, and close business with people in their industry and in their target market.

What our Beta Users are saying

Brandon Pliskin avatar image

Real business people and real money to be made.

Frank Acosta - Founder & Brand Stratigest at Creative Percent

Ashley Mance avatar image

Bizfluence truly listens to its users needs and wants allowing the user to shape the future of the platform. It is refreshing to be on a fast paced user leading platform.

Yael Hartman - Director of Sales and Marketing

Mike Vandels avatar image

Bizfluence is what other platforms are not... just business. There are no other distractions. Everyone is here for the same thing.

Michael E. Beer - Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer

Deiter Bohn avatar image

What makes Bizfluence so great is its a fresh start. The Founders are involved, listening to the community and rapidly developing features that business professionals actually want!

John Sullivan - Chief Innovation Officer - Lit Communities

Shelley Canning avatar image

I love what I’m seeing so far in beta. The hyperlinks through our profile pages is a game changer. No more copy/paste. The social media section makes it easy to navigate and reach new people.

Madeline Beck - $35M Amazon Seller Central Management

Feature Timeline

Q4 2020

  • Custommized Feed Icon

    Customized feed

  • Network by industry icon

    Network By Industry

  • Gamification icon

    Profile Gamification

Current Beta Version

  • Messaging icon

    Direct Messaging

Q1 2021

  • Mobile App Icon

    Mobile App

  • Monetizing Influence

  • Business Marketplace

Q2 2021

  • Events Icon

    Bizfluence Licensed Events

  • Virtual Currency Icon

    Virtual Currency

Q3 - Q4 2021

  • Talent Spotting/Recruiting/Hiring

  • Expert Booking/Consulting

  • AppStore